Whitten Design is an advertising, design, marketing and web company located in Bend, Oregon. Whitten Design delivers high impact solutions for advertising, graphic design, marketing and the web. Using multiple technologies and media we help both emerging and leading companies maximize customer value and convert current and new relationships into quality assets. We drive commerce to your door.

We work with your market, your budget and your brain. We help you win the battle inside the boardroom. What’s more important, we help you win the battle on the street. Our creative solutions hurdle communication barriers and penetrate the minds and hearts of your customers—your relationships.

Our creative solutions are focused on helping market leaders achieve high growth rates that improve earnings and capture market share. For more than 30 years, Whitten Design has produced targeted communications for broad markets and industries. We craft solutions proven through years of experience to grab your customer’s attention. Our creative solutions are based on solid market research.

Our solutions are pragmatic, eccentric, highbrowed, they’re award winning or down to earth, in the end it’s all a matter of picking the best proven method for reaching your marketing goals. We know the best solution is the one that gives you an increased competitive edge. Take a closer look at our work; view our list of services and products. Contact us now. We’d be happy to submit a detailed response to your RFP.

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