Each project begins after a discuss of objectives and goals. We then submit a project proposal. The proposal lists the project goals, method for creative development, production, time frames with cost and schedules for each.

To aid creative direction, a creative brief is produced which guides the client and staff during development and production. During the creative development clients are treated to a combination of high-end comprehensives and simple page rough layouts—any device which adequately communicates to the client our direction. We do not stop until the client is satisfied. For us, this is the fun part of the process, we relish the opportunity to solve our client’s communication needs with creative and effective solutions.

Any creative direction affecting final costs are first approved by the client before beginning production.

During production, copy and editorial changes are accommodated. Fine tuning of typography and art direction proceeds with the client receiving status report of each. If needed, photo shoots and meetings with illustrators and artists are arranged for client participation. At this point, if needed, finalized production specifications are re-submitted to our vendors for review and budgets are adjusted and if necessary re-sumitted to you.

After the project is complete, we like to meet with the client and discuss the project’s effectiveness. This really helps us target our creative effort and makes us a team member and partner with you.