PHP Conditional Region Based on Recordset Empty or Not Empty

I hope this helps someone, I spent way too many hours on it. I’m sure it’s simple for all you super code cooks, but for some (me) it can sure mess up your day.

  • If your recordset IS empty use this ==”” (equals nothing)
  • If your recordset is NOT empty use this >”” (is greater than nothing)

Here are some examples:

if ($row_rs_showif[‘this_url_img’]==””){
// Do Something }

if ($row_rs_showif[‘this_url_img’]>””){
// Do Something }

Sunriver Resort Marina McKenzie River Poster

This is a poster used to promote the Marina’s McKenzie River Whitewater Float. It was printed as a canvas wrap in both a large and smaller size. Displayed at the Resort’s concierge desk, spa, golf clubhouses and the Marina, it help drive sales and traffic.

The poster’s look and feel was later used to brand Facebook videos and postings. View a video sample here.

Renton’s River Adventures Homepage/SEO/Gallery

The Renton’s wanted a updated homepage design to complement the existing clean, formal design; a design that integrated the exceptional SEO work preformed by Steve Beyerlin of Internet Marketing Service. Copy was added to the homepage and Meta tags were added along with modifications to internal pages using the WordPress All in One SEO Pack plugin. In addition, some pages were renamed for better SEO results and the menus were expanded for a better user experience.

Finally, a new photo and video gallery was also added using the WordPress plugins NextGEN Gallery and TubePress (videos on the way).

Visit our portfolio to see more. Visit the website here.

Renton’s River Adventures Website

In addition, to fly-fishing camps for both Wild Rainbow Trout and Summer Steelhead Renton’s River Adventures offers guided steelhead fly-fishing trips on the Deschutes River, North Umpqua River and complete expeditions to Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island.

The Renton’s wanted a clean, formal, design to contrast their rugged earthy branding—evident in their new logo. We designed and development a custom WordPress theme to do just that. To enhance accessibility and new market penetration a custom media port that resizes for tablet and smartphone viewing was developed using advance web technology including HTML5 and CSS3.

Other features include: WordPress plugins that allow for instantaneous Google analytics reporting, SEO input and automatic status postings to their Facebook page.

Visit our portfolio to see more.