COCC Pathways Campaign

Central Oregon Community College (COCC) wanted a direct mail campaign to highlight four core programs. The programs were directed toward new students so the self-mailers included an info graphic detailing the possible program paths and a mini video CD. The info graphic was designed to be repurposed for COCC’s web site.

Campaign mailers include:

The campaign received a Silver Medallion of Achievement from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Templates for Simple Portfolio

If you want to add category and client templates to the WordPress plugin Simple Portfolio (by Patrick Brouwer) make sure you use the custom Taxonomies created by the plugin.

To find the two taxonomies that you’ll need go to the plugin’s folder and open simple-portfolio.php and search for “taxonomy”. You’ll fine the two that you’ll need:

  • portfolio-clients
  • portfolio-categories

In order to get my new template files to work in my theme I named my files this:

  • taxonomy-portfolio-categories.php
  • taxonomy-portfolio-clients.php

Hope this helps.