Brian T. Hemphill Social Media

We created a custom Facebook profile picture and a custom page tab for Brian T. Hemphill; plus, a custom Twitter page that matches the look and feel of his new WordPress site.

Here are some of the programing features:

  • A custom Facebook page tab, “About Brian T. Hemphill”¬†was created and programed to resize and display his new WordPress website within the Facebook interface. This allows his Facebook visitors to directly interface with his website without leaving Facebook.
  • A WordPress plugin was programed to automatically post all WordPress News items to his Facebook Wall.
  • Finally, a Facebook application was programed to automatically post all Facebook status updates to his Twitter account.
The programing makes social media transparent, automatic and makes WordPress a central gateway to the maintenance of a hassle-free, costs-free social media marketing program.


Role : Art Director, Designer, Web Designer