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Bend Surgery Center
Derby Night at the Oregon High Desert Classics
Event Campaign: direct mail, table tent, napkins, winner prizes, glasses, horse jump, sinage, web site page/RSVP form

Bend Surgery Center
Support of the Oregon High Desert Classics
Campaign: direct mail, table tent, poster, ads, statememt stuffer, water bottle

Mid Oregon Credit Union
Think Smart Billboard

Materials for Technology Performance Management Conference. Campaign included: teaser post cards, a teaser mailer with a 3-D pop-up, trade ads, hanging banners for exhibit halls, press folder, RSVP invitation, press invitation, 36-page conference brochure, tickets, and blast fax.

Campaign Billboard Poster Newspaper Ads

Campaign to raise awareness of brush fire safety and prevention prototyped in Central Oregon for national distribution.
Components include: newspaper ads brochures and counter displays, billboards, posters, PSAs for print and broadcast, news conference visual support such as banner and back drop display, :30 TV spot, 20 min. short on fire prevention.