Central Oregon Community College (COCC) wanted a direct mail brochure to highlight their Health Technology courses and program. Directed toward new students the brochure included an info graphic detailing the possible program paths and a mini video CD. All photos and the video were supplied by COCC. The info graphic was designed to be repurposed for COCC’s web site. Read more »

A new WordPress website for Brian T. Hemphill. Because of our custom programing the WordPress site is a central control panel for managing a hassle-free, costs-free social media marketing program.

We created a custom Facebook profile picture and a custom page tab for Brian T. Hemphill; plus, a custom Twitter page that matches the look and feel of his new WordPress site. Read more »

Print collateral for Retire Northwest, a resource website for senior retiring in the Pacific Northwest. Read more »

Here is a custom page tab that list information for all the activities at the Marina. The tab is hosted on whittendesign.com and features a mail form with PHP form validation.