U.S. Allegiance E-commerce Web Site

U.S. Allegiance sells military souvenirs and collectibles in military PX’s around the world. They wanted to offer the most popular items on their site, items selling the best in brick and mortar stores.

The e-commerce site was built in a shopping cart from storesecured.com that imposed limitations on the layout and design. However, the results increased sales dramatically and instantaneously.

In addition to the design of custom buttons for the main navigation, a flash rotating banner was crated for the home page.

Other elements of this project:

  • Promotional banners were created and promotional e-mails were sent for sale events.
  • A Google Adwords text campaign drove product specific searches to the site.
  • A Google display ad and ad campaign used a wide-skyscraper Flash ad to increase brand awareness.
  • Social Media components included a Twitter account, a Google Blogger blog, and a Facebook page was created along with the Facebook Friendly campaign.


Role : Art Director, Web Designer