Whitten Design will help develop your selling message, the creative strategy, the media strategy and ways for implementing your advertising plan. We help you find what to sell, how to sell and the way to sell. In addition we help our clients balance the need for media exposure and fiscal responsibility.

Account management teams and creative teams are managed with years of insight. Whether it’s top-notch creative direction, copywriting, art direction, graphic design, media planning and buying or simple production, at Whitten Design the best solutions rise to the top and improve our client’s business.

Our creative is fresh, catchy, on target.


Today’s businesses understand the explicit role of outstanding visual design. More than ever, the wrapper, the book cover, the package is what we believe, trust, buy. Branding, or a culture of coolness, is the determining factor when reaching for the plastic: “Is this worthy of my consideration? What will my friends think?” It can be said that the “coolness factor” overrides many elementary thoughts of practicability. Some say consumer movements are made only when a product or service enters into the legitimacy of the “branded world.”


Whitten Design has the knowledge and experience to drive your packaging, advertising and sales promotion. We work with factual information and make sound marketing decisions. We understand the broad implication of marketing, especially relative to return on investment, strategic or long-range planning, financial implications and manufacturing. We understand the scale of your media buys can determine the success of your plan.


Whitten Design leverages your new branding or existing creative strategy with creative web design and production. Our designs re-energize old, tired web sites. We implement full-scale marketing objectives with back-end web technologies by utilizing our stable of talented web programmers: specialist in higher program languages and database construction. Our project management and web development will insure that both the front-end and back-end of your web enterprises are fully focused on marketing and advertising plans. We help leading companies develop intriguing web content that keeps customers returning week after week. Our experience in user interface and web architecture guarantees visitors will find what they’re after and converts them to paying customers.