Sunriver Resort Marina SUP Fitness Poster

Here’s a poster I did for Sunriver Resort Marina’s SUP fitness class. Lance Tamashiro was the model for the illustration.

A smaller version was used to promote the class on Facebook and in a Facebook ad.

5/15/11 Update

We made a few copy changes on this poster and printed one large and a few smaller sizes on canvas. We used the online Costco Photo Center. They did an excellent job, just make sure to submit your jpg in CMYK. The new canvas prints are slated to appear in the Resort’s Main Lodge, Woodlands Golf Course  Pro Shop, Sage Springs Spa, Caldera Springs Lake House and possibly the Clubhouse at Crosswater Golf Club.

New layout size in Facebook

“Easier to browse”, OK but what about all those custom tabs our there.

So they warned everyone last October. But what about all us poor newbies. I mean how hard would it be to put a little error checking script in the save function‚ I guess this advance preview is it.

Here’s the message from Facebook:

To make your Page easier to browse, we’re simplifying a couple things: 1. Boxes are going away (including the Boxes tab); 2. All custom tabs will be narrower (520 pixels). This is your chance to preview your Page and make edits as needed before the new layout goes public on August 23. Read full announcement

Here's an example of what this will do to custom tabs.

Facebook Business Page: Email

I’m testing web forms on my Facebook page*. As you know, businesses are not allowed to receive emails when they setup a business page for themselves. One way around this is to use a web form and the Facebook Static FBML application. To see this in action, visit my current Facebook testing tab.

If your business is interested in expanding the effective use of Facebook this should be your first priority‚ add an Email us tab to your Facebook page.

*Whitten Desgin’s Facebook page is a active testing and development arena for our clients‚ branding and image control is what Whitten Design is noted for, here, it is limited to the need to preview and prove applications and results.