Skype, do you really need all these permissions?

It’s really doubtful that Skype’s Facebook app need all these permissions to function. Is Skype going to far, what do you think?

Access my basic information

Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve made public

Access my profile information

About Me, Birthday, Hometown, Current City, Website and Facebook Status

Access my photos

Access my videos

Access information people share with me

Birthdays, Hometowns, Current Cities, Websites, Photos, Videos, ‘About Me’ Details and Facebook Statuses

Send me email

Skype may email me directly at ·

Post to Facebook as me

Skype may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos on my behalf.

Access posts in my News Feed

Access my data any time

Skype may access my data when I’m not using the application.

Access Facebook Chat


Skype may read my check-ins and friends’ check-ins.

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